Toyota Tacoma is one of the best production of Toyota. Toyota has always been known for being the best car in the world. No model has been rejected by people. Also, they have produced so many cars in years that there is a variety of cars in the market that serve different purposes. Toyota Tacoma was one of them. It was launched in 2003. After a long time, it was not that popular anymore among people. The company has decided to renew some of the car’s features and launch it into the market again.

Toyota Tacoma
Credit: thecarconnection
New name and color

As the company has decided to relaunch the car, they have come up with new ideas. The first one is a bit funny. They have decided to name it “New Taco”. As the original name is Tacoma, Taco seems close to it. Besides the name, there have been many new changes in the car. A fresh coat of paint is one of them. The red color on the car seems the best choice. All car lovers are appreciating the color choice by the company.

Credit: guideautoweb
Extension of features

As the car was introduced in 2003, there were so many things that were not present at that time. As technology has advanced and Toyota has come up with its new features, they now have the chance to modify it as they want. The first big thing they have included in the car is the suspension. This is far better than the previous one. Also, they have changed the engine and installed a 3.4-liter V-6. This makes the car more powerful and gives it the energy for long drives.

Credit: carpro
It is about how you feel

This relaunch is nostalgic for so many people around the globe. Many people don’t prefer this type of vehicle for their daily use. But car lovers who appreciate a good holiday car can understand the value of the model. So, it made them very happy after the company launched it.