The Hyundai Palisade is a midsize SUV with three rows of seats. This is an ideal configuration for people who want space in their car. This car provides a lot of usable space for lots of items of baggage. The Palisade ranks a very close second to the Edmunds’ Top Rated Kia Telluride. There is no shortage of cars in the market. But this car is going to be the best. The Palisade is a standout even in this highly regarded group.

The Palisade accelerates from a standstill to 60 mph and takes 7.6 seconds, which is an average time for a three-row SUV. This speeding feature comes with excellent control of the brake. In an emergency moment, it can show a strong and predictable braking strategy. The big Hyundai rarely feels sloppy, as handling and steering are strong points for this car. Moreover, this car has a smooth-shifting eight-speed. Also, the Palisade is a stress-free companion in both city and highway driving.

Three-row SUVs usually can’t accommodate 7-9 people comfortably. But this car can easily hold this many people with comfort and space to move. Also, this car has a sound controlling mechanism. While driving the car you would hardly get to listen to any noise. Wind noise and the climate control system are quiet yet effective. The front seat offers a comfortable seat for the driver if they want to go for a long drive.

The Hyundai Palisade blurs the lines between near-luxury and luxury, as this has a well-appointed and comfortable interior for all its passengers. Everything is laid out well and simple to understand. The devices are so organized that it would be very easy for first-time drivers. The driving position gives a better view, so the time goes well.