When the first wave of electric cars pushed the market, larger SUVs like Audi e-Tron and Mercedes EQC were the only choice for customers. But now many smaller, compact electric cars are available in the market. Customers can choose from a wide range of varieties. 

As a smaller car requires a smaller battery, it consumes less energy. The price is lower compared to other large EVs. However, these cars will provide you with less energy capacity. So, it is better to make an informed decision before purchasing your dream car. 

Here we are presenting the best small electric cars of 2021 along with a few buying advice. This useful guide may help you to select the top compact EVs that you deserve.

Mini Electric

If you simply want a small electric car, Mini Electric can be a good choice. This three-door car offers a super compact look that electric car lovers desire. When the F56 generation started its journey in 2014, a fully electric Mini car wasn’t even in the production plan. But now it has become one of the top choices because of its remarkable design and compact appearance.


Mercedes EQA 

The Mercedes EQA is a cheaper option of the brand’s expanding EQ range. It is the second EV from Stuttgart and is priced at £40,000. The price tag is significantly cheaper than the other similar EVs. It undercuts a lot of the competition in the market. If you are searching for an electric car at a low price, you may like to have it.


Honda E

It is popular among electric car lovers for its dinky size and cute face appearance. You will definitely love the cool interior of this car. Though the price is a little higher than other EVs, car enthusiasts may like to overlook it due to its charm arsenal. You can feel better-controlling power while driving. It offers a very impressive design that accelerates its demand among EVs lovers.


BMW i3

This electric car can be considered as one of the best city cars for its futuristic design and F1-spec carbon-fiber construction body. This tiny BMW will allow you the tightest turning circle which is extremely agile around town. You may get plenty of room in both rows of seats for bodies. You can also enjoy a true premium feel by driving this small BMW.