The new Volkswagen Taigo is a wonderful combination of amazing driving dynamics and a super stylish design. This well-equipped vehicle offers a higher dose of style compared to the other Volkswagen SUV models. It is a stylish alternative to the T-Cross.

Volkswagen Taigo
Credit: topgear
Style-focused vehicle

The main design of Taigo is mainly based on the MQB A0 architecture. This mechanical make-up is quite similar to the T-Cross series. This technology also underpins cars like the Polo supermini. With a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, this car is offering a high-spec style trim.

new Volkswagen Taigo
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The comfortable interior, as well as efficient features, make this model a pleasant experience for the drivers who are spending a long time in the car. For the last few years, Volkswagen has been enhancing its production in the SUVs market. Taigo is the latest addition to this line-up. The car-making company has emphasized a more style-focused approach while designing the car.

Other remarkable features 

A DGS gearbox and the wireless phone charging system make this model shift swiftly and smoothly on the road. The wider digital dash has supported enhancing the level of performance without hurting refinement. The dual-zone climate control and auto high-beam matrix LED headlights are some other great features of this model.

Taigo owners will enjoy Volkswagen’s 1.0-litre three-cylinder that comes with TSI turbocharged petrol engine. The engine is capable to push out 108bhp and 200Nm of torque. The car weighing 1,260kg that is suitable to make a great city drive.

new car
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Few drawbacks

It is a less sporty route compared with the R-Line model. However, car users still love it for its high-level entry-level life trim along with the impressive well-equipped sitting arrangement. Though this model has used a few cheap materials in the interior, it is the best option within the rate. Moreover, it charges a higher rate than the Volkswagen SUV line-up. You have to pay a chunk more than for a T-Cross.