Mini has been with Countryman PHEV since 2017. This plug-in hybrid is Mini’s only petrol/electric coupling. The most important fact is it comes with an official 31-mile WLTP electric range which is an amazing feature for an electric car lover. 

With a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo engine, this can provide you an ultimate nimble and fun experience. You need to recharge the battery through kinetic energy captured during braking. If you want zero emissions guilt-free urban commuting, it can be a good option. It is also perfect for long-distance cruising at the weekend. Those who want to go for a short drive during the weekend for lifestyle activities can choose this car without any hesitation.

This car has 80 lithium-ion battery cells which are covered under the back seat. An 87bhp electric motor makes this vehicle heavier indeed. But you can drive the rear axle via a single-speed transmission with this motor which is a superb feature of this model. It offers up to 122lb-ft of torque that can spin up the rear rubber. This rear-wheel-drive car can be operated easily with a pure electric mode.

Users may enjoy lots of features of this excellently designed car including fast acceleration and a slide whistle sound effect. It is also accompanied by blissfully quiet urban progress unencumbered by outside noise. The Mini Countryman PHEV’s brakes feel progressive and satisfying so you can make a smooth drive with your loved one.

Those who are searching for a zero-emissions car should consider it. It is a serious contender for those people who are looking for a lifestyle vehicle. The high-quality interior and decent driving performance of this car make it a unique selection.