Tesla Model 3 is the newest edition of the Tesla electric vehicles that is currently ruling in the market. This has features that have never been seen before and is excellent to work with. Being one of the most innovative car companies in the world, Tesla is emphasizing the fact of safety the most. Every project that Tesla comes out with is safe to drive and also fits the surroundings. They design their vehicles to the max safety precautions. Also, the safety standards are high there.  


Tesla Model 3
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Fastest acceleration

Tesla Model 3 comes with many astonishing features, one of them is having fast acceleration. Model 3 has the feature of having two motors and an all-wheel drive. This comes in especially handy when the driver is on the road. Moreover, all the wheels have performance breaks. Also, they have total control over all kinds of weather conditions. Model 3 has an acceleration of 0-60 mph in just 3.1 sec.


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Dual Motor

Tesla Model 3 has the feature of an all-wheel drive. It has an additional feature of two independent motors. This improves the redundancy and another efficiency that is required for a high-speed, high-performing car. Also, with each motor, only one moving part is connected, so it provides maximum durability and minimum maintenance. This feature does not follow the traditional process. This car can digitally control the torque for the back and the front wheel. This provides a better grip and handling mechanism for traction control.


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Charging facility

As this car doesn’t require any gas or liquid fuel to run, it helps to be more affordable and easier to work with. Just charging overnight can present your fully charged battery in the morning. Also, it is easy to plug in when you are on the road. This is the future of cars and car owners are appreciating all the features that ensure a better experience.