Modern electric cars are powered mostly or fully by electricity. These are known as Electric Vehicles or shortly EV. They are modern in nature with many features that are new in the industry. Due to the nature of the car, many people call it a hybrid car. With many benefits, there is some downside to this wonderful technology.


Modern Electric Cars
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They provide better fuel economy

As it is obvious by the name of the innovation, electric cars are powered by electricity. Depending on the car no amount of fossil fuel is used to run this car. So, a person who uses a car daily for their work or commute can easily access energy by not spending too much. The general cost of electric charge is the same as fuel charge, with less carbon emission.


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Charging is not a big concern

Nowadays electric vehicle charging points are everywhere. Previously this was a concern for people who wanted to purchase an electric car. As charging ports are available in every corner, charging EVs is not a big deal.




Still burning fossil fuel

Many people are interested in buying EVs as they do not run on fossil fuels. But still, while producing electricity for the car, it uses an ample amount of fossil fuel. Most electricity generation companies run on other methods, but using fossil fuels is a large part of their production.


Electric Cars
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Charging hassle

Although Charging ports are available everywhere, it takes a huge amount of time to charge a whole car. For instance, a general combustion engine car is ready after you put the fuel in. It requires time to charge a whole car for a day. So, if the car loses its charge, where the port is not available, recharging the car is a big deal for the owner.