The car is named Alef bills, and this is an electric vehicle. As the first true flying car, this has gained a lot of attention from car-loving people all around the world. The car can take vertical take-off and the speed of flying is 110 km. To be honest, a car that can fly seems to be far from reality. But recently, at Draper University in San Mateo, California a start-up company revealed how this can be done. T


car that can fly
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It flips before fly

People gathered at the venue to see how the car flew, and it was worth all the suspense. The car passes as a car, as it has a car-like exterior. Additionally, Alef bills are supported by eight propellers inside the body of the car, which fits inside the body. The car model transforms into a biplane before taking off from the ground. As usual, this project is very expensive and not ready for civilians to try. But people are waiting to see what will happen next in the market.


car fly
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In the future, no need for roads

People are interested in how they will be able to use the car in the future and take off during the traffic jam. According to Prof Wright, it would be more like hiring a taxi. Not everybody will be able to get access to this type of car in the future, or there will be a chaotic situation. Calling for a flying car would be the same as calling for a taxi or Uber.


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Flying car and its alternatives

Companies are not only invested in these types of projects. Researchers are working to develop drones that could help people reach one place to another in a short amount of time. Recently a Chinese company has given a demonstration of how that would work in real life.