Volkswagen revealed the concept for ID. Xtreme, this was based on a test.  The test was also used for developing the ID.4 GTX. This car has 87 more horsepower than a general all-wheel-drive, which is only 382 hp. Moreover, the features of the car are so exquisite that it will steal looks from everyone. Also, the wheel of the car is uniquely made and has an 18-inch parameter.


Credit: cardealermagazine
Features that make it cooler

As mentioned previously, this car is inspired by the ID.4 GTX model. Which has all the features like dual-motor, and all-wheel drive. This model was sold under the GTX badge in the United States. So, in the new model ID. Xtreme has all the features above with new functionality. It has new software that is ever smoother than the previous one and great driver control. The boost is about 382 horsepower, which is 87 ponies more than the previous model and other standard CTX.


Credit: teslarati
Exterior Look

The ID. Xtreme has a phenomenal look. The car looks like it is made out of something that shines all day long. It has an extreme and raised supination in front. Which makes it different from any other car. The wheels are 18 inches off-road and have 2 inches wider 3D printed wheel arches that add to the all-over look. Also, the car got a redesigned bumper in the front. The car got a complete makeover with LED light bars which is helpful in the nighttime. On top of that, the car got an aluminum underbody that helps to protect it from outside rocks and pesky debris.


Id. Xtreme
Credit: mezha
Final comment

This ID. Xtreme model is the real keeper. From the appearance to the internal features, this car makes the perfect sense for those people who love to have fun on the road and hit it with full speed, With all the superior alterations in the features to the previous models, is a good deal.