In this current world, we all are concerned about environmentally-friendly vehicles. In terms of vehicles, environment-conscious people are always looking for environment-friendly cars. Though electric cars are not perfectly suitable for a green environment, it is far better than an average new gasoline-powered vehicle. EVs are still the first choice among environmentalists due to producing lower greenhouse gas emissions than the average new gasoline vehicle.

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Difference between a gasoline vehicle and electric cars

A greenhouse gas emissions calculator created by EPA allows you to compare the total emissions per mile. It shows that almost all of the total emissions of the average gasoline vehicle are carbon dioxide. Indeed, electric cars are not “zero-emission” vehicles. But these vehicles have zero local emissions. Electric cars don’t emit carbon dioxide on the road. Most EVs use a power generation technique that stored energy in their batteries. This advanced technique is known as upstream emissions for the EV.

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Calculating the greenhouse gases emissions for EVs

Some greenhouse gases are created to produce the electricity that is required to drive electric cars. The EPA calculator tried to calculate model-specific grams per mile for each EV available in the market. It also tried to investigate the accurate calculation of EV upstream emissions of the current plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. The calculator divides the USA into 26 regions and calculates the CO2 impact of an EV. Experts revealed that EVs are less responsible for CO2 emissions. Researchers also found that average gasoline vehicles are comparatively more responsible for greenhouse gas emissions.

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A new gasoline vehicle is responsible to produce 404 grams of greenhouse gas emissions per mile while the total greenhouse gas emissions for a 2021 Tesla Model X Performance with 22-inch wheels is 110 grams per mile. It indicates that electric cars are nearly 75% less responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. Conversely, an average new gasoline car generates more carbon dioxide. So, we can consider electric cars as the environmentally-friendly vehicles.