Audi e-tron GT is an amazing electric vehicle that can serve you the best comfort with super style. This model is the sister of the Porsche Taycan. Both cars contain the same kind of technology, as they belong to the same VW Group and J1 platform. Audi e-tron GT is not the company’s first electric vehicle, but this is one of the company’s best EVs. Although Audi is known for their SUV, now they are stepping up its game in the EV scene.


e-tron GT
Credit: ev-database
Performance of the car

Audi has hardly produced any car that is mediocre in performance. This car is an excellent choice when it comes to its efficiency. It produces 469bhp only in 2.5 sec when the driver launches the control. Also, it can reach the speed limit of 0-62mph within 4.1 sec. At top speed, it can reach 152 mph. This is as impressive as it gets if you want to compare this car to other cars in the market.


electric car
Credit: dhakatribune
Why is this the best car over all other cars?

Audi claims that the GT model is like the four-door sports car, and it is right if one compares the features of the car. This model is fast, but not as fast as other models, like Porsche. But, if you consider other features that this car has, especially in the seed department, it is already ahead of its game. Additionally, the exterior features of the car are impressive as well. It can be compared to any high-class car with its shape and outside look.


electric vehicle
Credit: audi-mediacenter
Final verdict

Audi has done it again. A four-door handsome GT model with lots of features. With all the features of electric vehicles, this is a dream come true for many car lovers around the world. Audi has always emphasized having high-class interior and exterior build, this model is not an exception.