Audi will spend their next decade wisely. They are going to emphasize sharpening its formula. They declared that tailgating will be given priority. Because the newest F1 team confirms that they are not imposing their efforts on winning anything. Rather, they are planning to better themselves in what they do best. By that they mean to follow the front car closely.

Credit: thecarconnection
The goal of the company

The top tire in the global motor business and production, Audi is not following seismic news to join other companies to collaborate. The company also mentions that they are not into bossing around other car companies, as they have little interest to win. Instead, they want to succeed in their considerable engineering skills, which can define them as a brand that shines. Moreover, they understand the importance of their cars being less than 10 cm away from the car in front.

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The spokesperson of Audi also mentioned that the new formula of the technical regulation and the designs are made in that way so it comes close to the person who is driving the car. For all the clients around the globe, Audi will provide comfort and style in the car. For the company, it is not about winning anything. It is all about infuriating all the other drivers around the world.

Credit: audi
Rebranding  the face value

Additionally, they said, the formula they are working on is the perfect fit for the brand itself. The clients who are using the service of Audi will benefit hugely as they push the limit of the invention of the other drivers and their personal space and safety issues. The new F1 car will feature a revolutionary new engine that will attach v6 onto the front wing. This will give the car a classic look. So, the company is ready to rebrand itself by offering new exciting automobiles.