If you searching for a way to get a new car for a few months, consider the short-term leasing. Many people like to change car frequently or may like to avail a new car for a short period. In this situation, short-term car leasing can be a good option.

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Benefits of short-term leasing

Though it is expensive, short-term car leasing has some benefits. You can avail a new can within a very short time. It is the way to become an owner of a four-wheel with minimum commitment. This process of leasing a car is also known as Personal Contract Hire (PCH) which is getting popular among lavish car owners.

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Short-term leasing is more likely renting a car for a specific period. It is quite different than other forms of car finance. You neither have to pay the full value of the car nor require to show a credit check. It can be a contract from one month to 24 months. Some companies are offering 90 days contracts for some specific models. However, reasonable deals can be difficult to find.

Cost you should consider

It is true that short-term leasing is convenient for some car buyers. But it tends to be expensive. You have to pay from £200 to £300 per month for the cheapest short-term lease. The shorter the period, the greater the cost and vice versa. But still, the short-term lease is popular among the users who desire to have a car for a short period.

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Some alternatives

Instead of short-term leasing, you can consider some alternatives like renting a car and car-sharing schemes. But renting a car is not the cheapest way to get a car for a time being. But it can be less complex as you don’t have to go through a complex financial agreement. Some companies allow you to rent a car according to your requirement.  Car sharing schemes are another good alternative for those who just need a car at some particular time. There are some car-sharing service groups and car-sharing clubs that allow you to use a car on a daily or monthly basis.