Electric car companies are now on the trend. People who are a little bit aware of the environment, are thinking about purchasing electric cars. The fact is, people, don’t know much about cars, let alone the companies that sell them. Here are some of the car companies that sell EVs.


Tesla was previously known as Tesla motors. After some policy and drastic mechanical changes, they have made an improvement in the business. On average, Tesla holds the largest share of electric vehicles on the planet right now. Furthermore, the company is doing great policy-wise. So, people are more interested and feel safe when buying a Tesla car. All the benefits that Tesla provides are game-changing. 


 Electric Car
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Toyota has been the name of trust and great gadgets for a long time now. This Japanese company is known for making trustworthy excellent automobiles throughout the whole world. So, they have sunk their feet in the market of EVs. The market tells that the Toyota business for electric automobiles is going pretty well. Moreover, they are now thriving in the market with other competitors. 


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This is a Chinese automobile company, which is popular regionally. After the trend of the electric car, they are now one of the most famous producers of electric cars in the world. Mostly the company is producing electric vehicles for years. As the company is progressing, they are now focusing on how to reduce carbon emission. In addition, the goal is to have zero emissions from their future projects. 


 Electric Car Companies
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General Motors 

Like ford, car users know GM as the electric body part manufacturing company. Additionally, they are well-known for producing excellent body parts and internal parts for cars. Nowadays they are much more focused on the production of electric vehicles. The company is doing really great, selling cars around the world with great reviews.