If you want to get the best options for choosing used cars. One can buy a used car after it has been providing service to another user for some time. They are affordable, simple, and very much comfortable. As the budget is only 2500, anyone who has some idea about cars knows how much of a good deal it is.


Jeep Cherokee

This is a manual jeep that is easy to use and provides comfort for the driver. This is also a small enough car that is good for taking a car and handling it on the road. On top of that, the car has a beautiful shape with dark red, which makes it more approachable. But, the only downside of the car is having a diesel engine. Although the car is not a high-speed one, they are very much adaptable for a busy life. If you are busy doing house chores and dropping off people at their destinations, this is the perfect car for you.


Credit: edmunds
Mazda MX-5

If any car buyer is looking for reliability and comfort at the same time, this is the car for them. MX-5 is considered a life little treat, as it provides the utmost comfort in daily life. Also, the model ensures the longevity of the car too. The exterior of the car looks very aesthetic. The shiny metallic black makes it look posh.


Credit: topgear
Alfa 156

This is another car that is reliable and will provide lifelong service to its owner. This is a front-drive car that has many modern features which make it easier to drive on the road. This is a low-mileage and road-safe car. This is another reason people like this car because of the safety issue. Another feature of the car is that it is a 156 2.5-liter car with a clean record. 


Credit: auto-data