Those who have a lower budget and want to get an electric car can consider used electric cars. You can find many new model electric cars in the market. But most of these are expensive. So, you can consider buying a cheaper used electric car instead. These used electric cars can provide awe-inspiring ultra-quiet designs. As these produce no emissions at the roadside, you can choose those without any hesitation. Find out our top favorite list of used electric vehicles.

Volkswagen e-Golf

If you want to enjoy EV ownership at an affordable price, it is a good choice. You can save lots of money by charging it at home. Because it is a great example of the electric car breed that will impress you with punchy performance. You can also enjoy the ultra-low running costs along with plenty of environmental benefits. The e-Golf had a 24.2kWh battery and a 118-mile official range. You will be amazed at the smooth, silent, and vibrant drive of this electric vehicle.

Nissan Leaf

You can pick up early models at a great price. This reliable, comfortable commuter-used car is the best way to get into an electric car on a budget. This electric car only goes about 80 miles on a charge. So, a long drive will not be a good idea with this car. Rather you can use it in the city for everyday life. If you are searching for a low-mileage used electric car at a good price, it is the best option.

Tesla Model 3

For the last few years, the Tesla Model 3 has been on sale. You can find a used one at a very affordable price range. Model 3. The most interesting part is you can avail lots of features that are similar to the premium Model S. This car can be charged within 36 minutes. with 0-80% charging times of as little as 36 minutes. Tesla’s continual software updates make this vehicle an excellent vehicle to drive.