Do you want to know the biggest hit and flops in 2022? Then here we are going to list down a few of those. As 2022 has come to an end, we can now look for the biggest trend and misses for the year. After a big pandemic and an unstable world political situation, the car market was not that bad. Here are the wins and misses for the year.


Hit: Scot Burner

This guy got to be in the Guinness World Record for his unbelievable achievement this year. The record was for the fastest mile driven in reverse motion. The average speed was 48 mph on a C7 Corvette. For most people, this speed in the forward direction is hard to maintain. After a long process of trial and error, he got the certificate of his dream. So, this year was a win-win situation for him.


Biggest Hit and Flops
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Miss: Maserati

Maserati is well known for being a lavish car brand. This year was not that shiny for the company. They did not see any boom in car sales or made any significant news for their new launch. MC20 was one of the big launches but was not appreciated by the people. So, they are on the miss list for this year.


Biggest Flops
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Hit: Ross Chastain

This Race chaser was in everyone’s conversation. In the Championship 4 event, this player played an amazing role to entertain people. He made a five-place up move in the tournament, which was three more than he needed to be in the spot. This adds so much to his career.


Biggest Hit
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Miss: Faraday Future

As a new company, Faraday’s future does not seem very good. The EV startup had to face various issues when they were charged for misleading investors’ reports regarding pre-orders. This had taken place only after one year of Faraday went public through SPAC. In addition, stock prices have fallen since the incident.


recent trend
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