All car users are eagerly waiting to know the new autonomous driving tech of the coming years. Here are presenting some of those exciting future features that will lead the market. The famous car company is collaborating with other car companies, which is better for their business. Other popular companies like Arriver and Qualcomm have made a deal with BMW to work together for the betterment of each company. This is not the only intention and plan behind the collaboration. The ultimate goal is to expand the cars’ ability to self-drive and achieve level 3 capability. The improvement will be installed in the ix and upcoming 7-series. Also, there will be more in the future BMW lineup.  


Autonomous Driving Tech
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More about the collaboration

BMW has been working with these two leading companies since 2021 to develop their project. Lately, they are working on autonomous driving and other self-driving technologies. Also, these three companies are building long-term partnerships for the future. Due to some protocol issues, they did not mention all the plans to the world yet. But at the beginning of 2025, they are willing to disclose all the facts with new technological improvements in their cars. In the second half of the particular year, they are supposed to come up with more models of BMW with new surprises.


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Qualcomm and more

The company Qualcomm has made the initiative to collaborate with BMW. Some of the technologies directly come from this company. Other companies are also using these technologies for their product development. Qualcomm has a special update of the Snapdragon ride version system-on-chip, and with that Arriver’s Computer version technology is being mixed up to make a better AV potion. This particular version will be better than BMW’s current Auto vehicle version. They introduced it in the previous year and came up with a new 7-series this month.


Driving Tech
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Final thoughts

BMW’s senior vice president Nicolai Martin has mentioned that they have long-term plans for the project. This project will also include other leading companies in the future. Additionally, automobile companies are moving toward the electric car market gradually.