New car owners need to take some special steps for proper car maintaining. Because maintaining a car is a complicated thing. It gets more complicated for people who have newly become an owner. There are a few basic things that you should know about before owning a car, to make the journey smooth. Here are a few of them.

New Car Owners
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Follow the owner’s manual

If you want to keep the car in a good shape, go through the owner’s manual and follow the rules. This is how you are going to get a smooth run from the car. Don’t try to do things that the manual doesn’t suggest, this is not going to be helpful in the long run.

Car Owners
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Keep the car engine clean all the time

If you have just bought the car, don’t think that the engine doesn’t need a thorough cleaning after using it for a couple of months. This is a process, not a goal. Cleaning your car’s engine would give it longevity.

Oil change and filter shift

Changing your car’s oil is as important as replenishing the car’s fuel. Oil changes help to keep the car’s internal setting clean. This is so important that due to the lack of oil change one might have to spend hundreds to repair that. Also, look for the suggested oil change method. Sometimes the type of oil is mentioned in the manual, try to use that type of oil for the car. Moreover, changing the filter is also very important as well. It keeps the car’s internal setting fresh.

New Car
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Look for a faulty spark plug

Never ignore a spark plug in your car. This can lead to heavy damage if the issue has stayed there for a long. If you see issues with starting, a dip in mileage increased vibration, then don’t wait and seek help to fix it.