Caterham is an old car company that has introduced Caterham Seven for their users. This company has produced some magnificent cars in their time. Although they do not produce many cars, the emphasis is on the quality of the car. The founder of the car company has kept the fundamental design the same for 60 years. The same goes for this model. The car can be mentioned as a classic with a modern touch. From the outside, the car can seem like a vintage car, but the interior and the functioning part of the car are up to date.


Caterham Seven
Credit: topgear
Has this always been the same?

While the car of this company looks the same, Caterham Seven is the master of evolution. The new range has been stronger than ever. This model also has a clear progression from the entry-level, which is 170 to 360. All the parts are named after their power-to-weight figure. Also, the engines are sourced from the company Ford. This is a great choice, as it can grow from 1.6 liters to 2 liters. Moreover, the car has the potential to be connected to a supercharger. So, the car is not entirely the same as the previous models.


Caterham Seven
Credit: caterhamcars
The performance

Although model seven has an outward appearance of a vintage car, the performance is not the same. They are equipped with modern settings. The engines and the breaks are now more appropriate for better performance. Also, it can go up to 0-62 mph in only 2.8 seconds. So, the performance of the car is not like the previous ones.


Credit: autotrader
Final thoughts

As the car looks more classic, the company has tried to make it more comfortable for the owner. So that they can enjoy modern technology. The arrangement of the car is more user-friendly and comfortable in the budget. Tha’s why users are choosing this model as their next passion.