A good charging network for EVs is essential for every electric vehicle. Mercedes has always been a trendsetter in the car industry. So, it was expected from them. They have launched a high-speed charging network for EVs. Also, this new tower is primarily launched by only the company itself, not a collaborative move from their side. From this network, not only electric cars can recharge, the other brands of electric vehicles can charge their cars too.

Charging Network For EVs
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Announcement of the project

This has been one of the first exciting news for car lovers in the new year. After Mercedes-Benz announced this news, this has been a change in history for the automobile industry. Having another company launching a charging system for an electric car means this is going mainstream and available for people. Also, the brand is open to charging other companies’ cars is a game-changer decision. This creates competition between other facilities that can charge EVs.

Charging For EVs
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Dates and details

There is another piece of news that Mercedes-Benz is launching another charging network throughout North America later this year. Also, they are planning to have more than 400 hubs, so they can spread their network to more people. The stations would be equipped with more than 2500 high-power chargers, or also known as plugs. This expansion is thought to be growing to Europe later. According to the company, this is going to be the “other main market”. The future is going to be very electric vehicle friendly, which will make people use more EVs.

electric vehicle
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The dark side of EV charging station

Although EVs are going to be a solution to fossil fuel burning, this expansion of EV charging stations is going to create more problems. As charging appointments are a thing, this is going to create an issue when the load is extra. Also, the long lines for charging are going to make a huge line in front of the station. But there is no way denying that having more EV charging stations is good for the future.