Electric vehicles are now on the trend. People who are up to date with time, look for electric vehicles as their new cars. Although this is energy-saving and fuel-cost-friendly, they are having some problems in recent times. In the context of modern times, people are now having issues with charging stations for EVs. There are fewer electric car charging stations around the country, but they are now working properly.



Recent day’s practice regarding the Charging station

One of the most significant advantages of EVs is that they can be charged overnight at home. The majority of EV owners are set up to do precisely that. For longer journeys, however, North America has a rapidly developing network of DC fast-charging stations. Most EVs may be charged to 80 percent capacity in 20 to 45 minutes using these. The Tesla Supercharger network is regarded as the finest in terms of ubiquity and dependability. Until recently, it primarily served Tesla’s electric vehicles. But others can profit as well.



Issues with the charging port

Things were great until now. As many people are using the charging port, people are facing various issues. Some of them are serious too. From having a circuit issue with the car to the charging port being caught on fire, many things are being reported. Many people are afraid that this can blow up their EVs if they are not careful enough. Although these scenarios are not common, they are not also rare, unfortunately.


Electric car charging station around Crouch End area on London street


How are the companies dealing with this?

There has been no official news or announcement from any of the companies. People are assuming that they are thinking about the issue to solve it. This was a long-time coming issue, as the EV was getting more and more popular among people. Soon users are hoping that it will come up with solutions.