Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is going to be a fantastic addition to the upcoming car market. Chevrolet never fails to amaze car lovers. After so many wonderful models of cars, they have changed the automobile trend by introducing the Z06. The company has shifted its attention towards a long-term march to electrification and building small displacement in the turbo-engine area. At 8500 rpm, the car will be out of people’s imagination. Let’s not forget about the cool exterior of the car that makes it different from any other car in the market. With a sports car outlook, it will turn heads.

Corvette Z06
Credit: gminnovates
Features that make the car outstanding

Chevrolet has introduced a lot of new mechanisms in the new Z06. With a supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 engine model, the car can produce 755 horsepower. This is the most power-generating car that the company has ever made. As was previously mentioned, with 8400 rpm and 670 horsepower, the car produces 460 pound-feet of torque at 6300 rpm. With all these amazing features people are eagerly waiting for the car to hit the market.

Credit: chevrolet
Driving features

With all the modern technologies, the car can perform a lot better than its predecessors. On average it can run up to 150,000 miles. Also, the engine can hit 60 mph in only 2.7 seconds, which is higher than any car in the current market. The speed is evidenced by the Z06’s 10.7-second quarter-mile at 129 mph. Moreover, the final drive ratio of 5.56:1 helps fire off the line.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Credit: autotrader
Price and final verdict

The car is priced like its performance. The car carries a base price of $116,795. For other features, you have to pay a bit more. For example, if you want carbon-fiber wheels and other things, the price could reach $162,510. Finally, the car is worth the expense. There is not a car in the current market that is comparable to this one.