The Chevy Colorado is a standout track from 2023. It’s the best mid-size truck. It has class-leading capability, affordable prices, and a wholly rebuilt cabin. You will now need to press a virtual key in the navigation system to turn the lights off.


Chevy Colorado

Nevertheless, there is a weird compromise in the new interior design. There isn’t a tactile control for the truck’s lighting. The driver must access a submenu on the truck’s conventional 11.3-inch smart play infotainment system. It is good for the vehicle to toggle them on or off. You shouldn’t have to do that very often because the car has automated lights. On the other hand, you’ll have to deal with the touchpad rather than flipping a switch when you’re on a winding two-lane.


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What it is about

The essential issue, according to the chief engineer of the new Colorado Nick Katcherian, “We recognize that the majority of consumers put their car’s lights on auto. A nice fact I discovered yesterday while driving in the rain is that when your windscreen wipers are on, your lights also come on.” Nick also stated, “In order to save space, we’re striving to virtualize as many of our switches as possible. With the introduction of our new infotainment system, we’ve essentially done just that.”


More about the update

Even though we can only speculate that some work truck owners would be dubious, Katcherian said he isn’t concerned about bugs or problems with the light control. As you need to make the headlight always accessible, the connected lighting module loads before the rest of the entertainment system.


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Final thoughts

According to Katherine, his team has fixed every potential fault in the infotainment system. In the long run, he added, software-based switches can support extra add-ons or help add functionality to vehicles after they have been sold.