Tesla Semi Truck is a great addition to this electric vehicle company. Recently Tesla revealed their semi-truck, it has been more than four and a half years. After a long time of waiting, there is a clear sign that Tesla is coming up with a new surprise. There won’t be a long wait as Elon Musk has Tweeted about his latest project at the end of this year. This surprise is going to be a new semi-truck. Also, this will have a range of 500 miles. This is now the topic of discussion about how large of a battery this truck would need to provide this much performance compared to other large companies.

Semi Truck
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Another feature Tesla has promised is that the car will have 0-60mph in only 5 seconds. This is a marvelous speed for such a large car. There are only a few cars that have this range. Another feature that will be present in this new car is the charging rate will be capable of adding 400 miles only in 30 minutes.

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Elon Musk has also confirmed that a long-waited Tesla Cyber truck will be present in the market in 2023. The other worldly-looking truck that was first revealed in 2019 that shocked people was just a prototype for the market. It was simply a show of the standard that Tesla can offer to people.

Tesla Semi Truck
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But, in With this new car, people are looking for a 500-miles range in top speed. Also, the car will have a tri-motor form, which is why the car can perform at such speed. A price of $69,900 was announced at the time. But the price will go higher after the car is presented in front of the world. New Cyber Truck will also face some competition after it is presented to the world. Other cars like Rivian R1T and Ford-150 are also going to be a big presence in the car world.