Autonomous technology is expected to play a significant role in the future of mobility, particularly in the development of electric vehicles. Self-driving electric vehicles are expected to reduce emissions, improve safety, and increase efficiency. The adoption of electric vehicles is on the rise, with sales expected to reach 45 million by 2030. This growth is driven by factors such as government incentives, improved technology, and increased consumer demand for sustainable transportation options.

Shared Mobility Gaining Traction

Shared mobility options, such as ride-sharing and car-sharing services, are becoming more popular as consumers seek more cost-effective and convenient transportation options. This trend is expected to continue, with shared mobility accounting for 25 percent of all passenger miles traveled by 2030.

Urbanization Driving Change

The trend towards urbanization is driving change in the mobility sector, with cities seeking to reduce congestion and emissions through the development of sustainable transportation options. This includes the expansion of public transportation systems, the promotion of active transportation modes such as walking and cycling, and the implementation of policies to reduce private car use.

Chinese Companies Focusing on Driver-Assist Technology

Chinese companies are focusing on driver-assist technology to compete in the electric car market. McKinsey estimates that assisted and fully autonomous driving systems in passenger cars could generate $300 billion to $400 billion in global revenue by 2035.

Huawei has upgraded its driver assistance system for changing lanes on highways and parking, and Li Auto plans to roll out driver-assist tech to customers in 100 cities in China by the end of the year. Xpeng has rolled out driver-assist technology to some users in Shanghai, which claims to require drivers to do little more than keep their hands on the wheel.

XPENG Inc. and Autonomous Driving

XPENG Inc. announced its vehicle delivery results for April 2023, delivering 7,079 Smart EVs, including the new P7i sports sedan. XPENG debuted its latest production model, the Ultra Smart Coupe SUV G6, at Auto Shanghai 2023. The G6 showcases a series of cutting-edge architectural solutions including autonomous driving, intelligent cabin design, superfast charging, and industry-leading vehicle engineering. XPENG G9 received the third-class road test license in Guangzhou for autonomous driving tests carrying passengers. The Company expects to expand the G9’s autonomous driving tests to all customers in the Huangpu District of Guangzhou in the second half of 2023.