You need to take some necessary steps o revive a car. Because cars have a hard time running if they sit idle for a long time. There are many ways to start a car healthily after it has been sitting somewhere for a long time. A wrong step can lead to a bigger issue. Here are some of the ways that you can start the car.


car maintenance
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Check and revive the car battery

After a long time, your car’s battery gets jammed. Though some cars have the internal setting of reviving themselves, before you start your car, take some steps to make it easy for the car. As the power flow will start from the battery, try to make sure all the jumper cables are connected and it is properly in place. If things do not go how they should consult with a professional.  


reviving car
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Pump your tires

As the car has been sitting in one place, there is a very good possibility that they have lost some pressure. Driving a car with low pressure is not good for the car or the safety of the driver. Also, try to look for the flat spot to detect any issues. Moreover, don’t overinflate the tires of your unused car. This can be very dangerous if the tire’s health has deteriorated over time.


Check your car’s break

This is the most important step to make sure you have revived the car. Check all the available brakes and make sure they are working properly. It is very easy to understand what would happen if the brakes do not work after you are on the road.


Revive a Car
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Special care for EVs

Although electric vehicles are very much self-serviced, try to give extra attention to EVs. Most EVs can be operated from a cell phone, try to make sure every option is working on the EV before trying it out on the road.