The Oxfordshire EV-conversion company Electrogenic has made an electric conversion of Porsche 356. It is the first electrified original Porsche 356 which allows the users to get more use out of a classic vehicle. Furthermore, the artful modification of this car makes it more adorable to electric Porsche lovers.

Credit: topspeed
Purposes of conversion

Those who want to drive a zero-emissions Porsche 356 can use this new classic with an electric motor. The main goal of this conversion is to open the window for those families who don’t like to drive a vehicle with a petrol engine.

However, the conversion company keeps the original 1.6-liter flat-four for those who like to have an alternative. If the users want to keep a car’s original registration, the process can be reversible. They introduced a points-based system with a certain number accrued from an unmodified vehicle. The purpose is to keep the modified cars on their original identity.

electric conversion
Credit: topgear
Features of Porsche 356 with an electric motor

With a 36kWh battery and a 120bhp electric motor, the car becomes more subtle to the users. The associated gubbins dotted throughout the car with a gorgeous inverter make it more usable. Additionally, the standard four-speed manual gearbox can make your driving experience more comfortable. It prefers to keep the driver engaged with a single-speed transmission.

Who should buy it?

Electrogenic founder Steve Drummond said that people who can spend up to a couple of hundred thousand” should consider buying it. Because the conversions of the 356 start at £54,000. However, after the initial conversion maintaining the next steps are easier. The car owner can enjoy all the facilities with a beautiful car. Though it is a little bit expensive, it will allow you to drive your dreams. If you like to drive an artful car with zero emissions can consider it.

Porsche 356
Credit: topgear