Currently, Fiat 500 is the most eligible electrical vehicle in the market at this price point. The sharp silver look and bold accent make this car distinguishable from others easily. The new Fiat 500 has installed a new chassis, interior, platform, and body. Which makes It more popular among electric vehicle enthusiasts. Also, it’s posh like other popular cars, such as Honda. This all-new platforms have changed the game for car lovers.

Fiat 500
Credit: news18

This car has seen a makeover from the previous model. The new model incorporates many features that make the car more stylish. It has 61mm longer, 56mm wider, and 29mm higher features than Petrol 500. The proportions are not that complicated. Some of the details are done simply but look terrific. Although the car has gone through a large transmogrification, it has held the same outline as before. The canvas roof idea has been the same as the older version.

Fiat 500
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About the range

When it comes to an electric car, everyone asks about how fast it can go, rather than its overall performance. The new version of the 500 is occupied with a 24 or 42-kWh battery. They are provided by Samsung. Also, the batteries are set on the bottom of the car. This setting holds more energy than a Honda Mini or other car at the same level as this. The 24kWh version claims that it can go up to 118 miles WLTP.

Fiat 500
Credit: motortrend
Final opinion

The Fiat 500 is a refined, and solid electric car that the market has ever seen. The price point is more affordable than other EVs in the market. This car can go far enough to change motorway trips to make tangible. The car has a small space but is very comfortable for people and the driver.