Fiat 500 is the poshest electric car that the company has ever released. In this little electric hatch, like a Honda e. Unlike with a Mini Electric or DS 3 Cross back, there’s no combustion version. The reason behind this is that the platform of the car is EV only. There are so many options that the Fiat 500 offers, that none of its competitors are even near it. Even though it’s an electric car, it has a giant roof that opens like a vintage Mercedes.

Fiat 500
Credit: sasatimes
Amazing engine box 

With a killer chassis, the engine box is made in a way that it doesn’t seem too bulky. Fiat could shape this car into any form, but they chose the classic one. Fiat Group’s studios worldwide got the chance to submit ideas for a complete design reinvention.

Credit: topgear
Powerful battery

The new 500 comes with either a 24 or 42kWh battery, both provided by Samsung and slung low in the chassis. The latter can hold comfortably more energy than any other similar model of it. This is the reason it can have enough range of up to 199 miles WLTP. Another 24kWh car claims 118 miles’ WLTP, but Fiat knows how to retain its base. On an average rating, this car would get 7 out of 10, which is really impressive.

Electric car
Credit: topgear
Stylish design

Fiat 500 is a small car that can accommodate one or two passengers at a time. It is more of an experience, rather than a car that transports people from one point to another point. With a stylish, recognizable design and a quality feel, you will be amazed at how smooth the car runs. The Fiat 500 might be smaller than other electric cars on the market, but it is the most solid and refined car you will find in the current market.