In 2023, the Ford F-150 Lightning will begin its second model year. It’s an electric pickup truck with lots of advanced features. Truck enthusiasts like the modern design of this vehicle . Unlike the futuristic Rivian R1T and the far-out Tesla Cybertruck, which appear to have been taken straight from the set of a Blade Runner film, the Lightning maintains the classic F-150 design. However, Lightning’s sheet metal conceals some fairly remarkable machinery. In the end, this truck has a lot to offer to the people who are into it.

Ford F-150 Lightning
Credit: topgear
Performance of the Truck

A truck does not need to accelerate more quickly than many sports cars. The Lightning acts in that situation. Also, the Lightning Platinum trim has a large battery. The acceleration from 0 to 60 mph took just 4 seconds. Moreover, it should be noted that the Lightning outperforms the quad-motor Rivian R1T we tested. The Lightning stopped from 60 mph in just 127 feet, which is approximately the same as a regular F-150.

Credit: greencarreports
Comfort in the car

The Lightning’s fully independent rear suspension provides a smoother ride than the conventional F-150’s leaf springs and is unquestionably an improvement. However, the Lightning can occasionally feel a little too supple and willowy when navigating the uneven road. This is particularly true for trucks that have larger batteries. Low wind, tire, and road noise levels are also kept at a lower volume. The majority of Lightning’s electric propulsion noises are not even noticeable when it is at full speed. The powerful and efficient climate control system requires little adjustment to keep your preferred temperature.

electric car
Credit: drive
Final verdict

The F-150 Lightning is both futuristic and recognizable at the same time. Despite all other trucks in the market, it is the most useful and job-site-friendly vehicle on the market right now. Under budget, this is going to be the perfect car for one.