The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 will be a great model if you are a big fan of the Ford Mustang series. This car has a combination of a gentle attitude and some exceptional handling ability. This car is extraordinary in another sense. With a rear-wheel drive, seven-speed DSG Mustang with MagneRide active suspension. This model is also powered by the “Predator” 5.3-liter V8 wearing a 2.65-liter Roots-type supercharger as a hat. A supercharger gear can take 90bhp just to get it going. Together, they produce 750bhp and lb.-ft or thereabouts. It is easy to assume how special the car is.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
Credit: myauctionsheet
New features

The new model of Ford Mustang just takes three-and-a-half seconds to reach 62mph. It can go up to 180mph. Managing this kind of acceleration figure while controlling the scale at nearly 1,900kg- the car can do wonders. Additionally, it has an amazing appearance with a comfortable interior. Users will love the excellent design of this model. It has tried to provide the maximum comfort at this price range.

Credit: motortrend
The high-end shade

The shade of the car is also remarkable. It is covered by a shade named “Grabber Green”. The car is also able to produce the loudest noise at the top gear, which adds to its character. There’s a seven-speed paddle-shift with no manual option. The car also offers various options to try. Fair to say that it is not an enthusiast’s choice”, which is likely to be the 8,500rpm-revving, flat-plane crank, manual GT350. In terms of out-and-out theater, the GT500 is the boss in the market. In addition, car users are interested to avail this model for its attractive features and eye-popping looks. Whether you are driving this car in a small city or like to take it for a long drive, this model will provide you with the highest comfortability on any road.

Credit: motor1