Ford is going to introduce a new exciting patent system for identifying cars. If you don’t pay, that new Ford in your garage could drive away one day. Because Ford has filed a patent with the USPTO for devices and methods that aid in vehicle repossession. One of the technologies disclosed in the patent allows an autonomous car to reclaim its ownership. Additional techniques include restricting vehicle functions such as A/C, power windows, power seats, and other parts of the car interior. It will lock unpaid owners out of their vehicles. Here is a brief explanation of the patent. 


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More details about it

Avoiding the repo man may become much more difficult in the future, especially if vehicles might one day repo themselves. Additionally, self-driving technology is getting more common in the coming years. All it would take is for an automaker to design a system in which the new car, truck, or SUV parked in your driveway may drive itself away. Thus far, no one has. But the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) specifies a self-repossessing mechanism and other repo-related ramifications. 


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The credibility of the new edition

The most frightening elements detailed in the filing are autonomous and semi-autonomous cars with the ability to repossess themselves. Vehicles outfitted with the latter may simply travel a short distance to a spot where they can be hauled easily. Vehicles equipped with more sophisticated autonomous technology may be able to drive themselves to the lending business or the repo lot. 


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Final thoughts

These can be as simple, albeit vexing, as turning off some vehicle functions. You can use convenient options like air con, power steering, power seats, and electric windows. Another way is to play unpleasant and repetitive sounds through the car stereo. We thought immediately of Jim Carrey’s “most obnoxious sound in the world” sequence from Dumb and Dumber”.