Ford has recently made waves in the automotive industry with its innovative patent system for identifying automobiles. This system not only aims to improve vehicle security but also introduces new features that enhance the overall user experience.

New Truck Patent for a Pickup Bed Rail System

Ford’s new patent for a pickup bed rail system allows for bed rails to raise and lower from inside the fenders using linear actuators. These rails can be used to secure tall cargo and pull down on straps to determine load security. Additionally, the rails can unfold a “sheet” to block the view of cargo from prying eyes, ensuring privacy for the vehicle owner.

Deployable Cargo Rack and Cargo Crane

The tops of the bed rails can pivot and turn into a deployable cargo rack with support rails, providing additional storage space. One of the bed rails can also pivot and turn into a cargo crane to load and remove cargo from the truck, making it easier for users to manage their cargo.

Reinforcement Member and Bushing Assembly

Ford’s patent system also includes a “reinforcement member” to bear most of the load on the rails into the bedsides. The deployable stanchions and linear actuators of the bed rails are secured to the bedside walls while guided and supported by a bushing assembly, ensuring stability and durability.

Remote Repossession System

Another innovative feature of Ford’s patent system is the ability to remotely repossess a vehicle. This system would allow banks or leasing companies to disable specific features or the entire car if payments are not kept up. The lockout condition could be lifted in case of a medical emergency, and the system could be conditional, allowing owners to continue using the vehicle during the week. The patent even makes allowances for autonomous vehicles to repossess themselves.