This year, gas prices have been wildly fluctuating, with the national average reaching a high of over $5 per gallon in June. However, data gathered by Gas Buddy shows that prices have now been declining for the previous seven weeks in a row.

President Joe Biden tweeted that the recent drop in gas prices is the nation’s fastest decline in more than ten years. According to AAA, the highest recorded gallon of regular average price was $5.02 in mid-June; as of right now, the national average is $4.19. A difference of 83 cents exists here.

gas prices

There are 19 states where a gallon of regular is sold for less than $4, despite the fact that a gallon of regular still costs more than $5 on average in states like Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, California, and Hawaii. 

Once more, this is based on AAA’s list of state-level average gas prices, which also includes a list of eight states where motorists can fill up for an average of $3.77 or less. Texas is the least expensive of those, with regular currently costing $3.69 per gallon on average.

A chart comparing national gas prices between 2019 and 2022 is included in a report on the declining gas prices that AAA released yesterday. It also made note of the possibility that the increased demand brought on by these lower prices might halt the price decline.

According to AAA spokesperson Andrew Gross, most American drivers have significantly changed their driving behaviors to cope with high prices. However, given that almost half of all gas stations across the nation offer fuel for less than $4 per gallon, it’s feasible that demand for gas could increase.

It’s evident that the situation has declined steadily over the past few weeks, but it’s best to be ready for anything.