With a fabulous look and excellent comfort, the new Hyundai Sonata is going to blow the mind of its users. Hyundai is known for its quality cars. If you look for quality and longevity, you go to Hyundai. Recently the company is investing in cars that are doing better in the look department. Car lovers are now getting quality cars with excellent-looking exteriors. The new Hyundai Sonata is also one of them. The company has decided to introduce more of a posh look to the car’s exterior. Also, there are going to be more updates included in the car. It is speculated that in 2024 the car is going to be released to the public.


Hyundai Sonata
Credit: rushlane
Difference in look

The car first came out on the market in 2020. As it is mentioned before, the car was amazing by itself. This is a mid-size sedan, which follows the look and quality of the others in the lineup. The car looks futuristic from every corner. After it was launched in the market in 2020, this year it was decided that the company would relaunch it and make it better than ever.


Credit: mansworldindia
What is going to be included?

Although there has been no clear description from the company, it is speculated that the change would be heavy on the exterior part of the car. The interior of the car would be the same, no edition would be made. The exterior would get a LED light addition, which would make it look more interesting as well as luxurious. Also, a light strip would be included in the car too. Also, better climate control would be introduced in the car for a comfortable situation.


Credit: autoweek
Date of release

There has been no specific date for release yet. It is only an assumption that at the beginning of 2024, the new version of the car might be launched in the US. Also, this is not official news, no fingers crossed.