A company named ELegend has exposed a plethora of extremely serious business jargon combined with similarly serious sounding sentences. Fortunately, new pictures of the EL1 have been released to go with said terminology.


The EL1 will come to mind. A carbon-tubbed electric supercar with a look influenced by the Audi Sport Quattro is among the 2021 stars. The wide-arched electric car, which was constructed in Bavaria, has a carbon monocoque and CFRP panels, weighing approximately 1,680kg, has a 90kWh battery, and has an approximate 800bhp of power.

So it moves fast. The ELegend EL1 claims a 0-62 mph time of only 2.8 seconds and a range of 249 miles. Last we checked, there would only be 30 made, and each hand-built machine would cost somewhere around £1 million.

 E-Legend EL1

Other models, such as the EL2 and EL3, will be available as well. Perhaps this is where we can squeak in the Very Serious Business News. It appears that ELegend has completed “a capital increase.” With investors that include rally and automobile enthusiasts as well as potential clients, the latest round of funding will help the business “safeguard its further growth.”

Marcus Holzinger, the company’s CEO, declared that they are in an ideal financial position and will continue to slowly progress in developing their technical platform. In order to help it produce more automobiles, the company would like to generate additional investment opportunities.

 E-Legend EL1

The tri-motor, AWD EL1 is reportedly close to being finished and will soon transform into a proper “ready-to-run” chassis that ELegend hopes will confirm the above-mentioned performance metrics in testing. Shuttling out of Planet Business and back onto Planet Car.