Unless you are buying an electric vehicle that comes with a mobile charger, it is essential to purchase a home EV charger for comfortable charging. The best home EV charger will allow you to mount it on the home wall or somewhere near you park the car. Here we are suggesting some tips about how to choose the best charger for your electric car.

Check the compatibility

Whatever the brand you are choosing the most important thing while purchasing a charger for electric vehicles is to measure safety and compatibility. If the charger is not compatible with your vehicle, it will not be able to provide any service. So, before buying the charger try to understand the vehicle’s pre-requisite condition. You should be clear about what chargers do in the general sense. Make sure that the rechargeable battery has an appropriate amount of power at an optimal temperature.

Buy universal charger

Your task will be easier when purchasing a Level 2 charger. It is not mandatory to buy a Volkswagen-branded charger if you buy a VW. Because chargers are universal you can use the same charger for different brands. However, Tesla has introduced its proprietary connector which makes its charger different from other brands.

Some differences

You can find many brands and types of Level 2 chargers. Some users like to use a hardwired charger instead of using a plug-in charger with a 240-volt outlet. Hardwired chargers are a more permanent and clean installation while the plug-in option can help you to have a 240-volt outlet in your garage. Furthermore, some modern chargers offer Wi-Fi connectivity. Users can easily monitor the charging system remotely via a smartphone app. Some electric car users like to choose a charger that has a certificate from a nationally recognized testing laboratory like Underwriter’s Laboratories and Intertek.