Driving an electric vehicle (EV) comes with many benefits. A rather persuasive one is the ability to get tax credit, among other financial EV incentives, from different sources such as the local city council and even the federal government.

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Furthermore, some electric utility companies and other similar large firms may benefit EV drivers and people installing home charging stations. Here are different incentives you qualify for when purchasing an electric vehicle.

State and Local Incentives

It will be necessary to conduct some research to find local and state EV incentives. Using the internet as a tool for ideas will greatly help you as you should be able to find comprehensive information on any EV incentives available to you on state government websites.

Federal Incentives

Federal tax credits of up to $7,500 are provided by the US government to anyone who purchases new electric vehicles. General Motors and Tesla are no longer eligible for federal tax breaks under the existing regulations, while Lexus and Toyota will see their maximum credit reduced by half, to $3,750, starting in September 2022.

Utility Incentives

Customers are encouraged to build a home charging station or purchase an EV from utilities all around the nation. In its print or email newsletter, your utility may let you know about the existence of an EV or charging station Searching the company’s website for your utility or contacting customer support by phone or email ought to yield any details about rewards it is offering.

Employer Incentives

Some businesses reward their staff with EV incentives. Purchase rebates or the availability of workplace charging stations are just two examples of these advantages. Check with your human resources office to see if any EV benefits are available.

Ask Other EV Drivers

If you ask any EV driver you see on the street, they will be more than glad to help you discover the incentives for fellow EV drivers. Furthermore, they might have recently gone through the incentive procedure and can provide you with current, local information.

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Ask Your EV Dealer

When you purchase a new car, some EV dealers will provide information on regional incentives. The salesman should also let you know about any incentives offered by the automaker, which may include a cap on the number of free public charging stations or a discount for installing a charger at home.

Make sure to inquire if the salesperson doesn’t disclose these incentives. There may be an EV expert on staff at the dealership who can provide reliable information about your neighborhood.


Numerous sources offer incentives for the purchase and use of electric vehicles. It could take some time to locate the incentives you are qualified for, but every perk reduces the overall cost of switching to an electric drive.