Washing your car may not be the most exciting task to perform. But it is very important to increase the resale value of your car. It also can improve the longevity of your favorite vehicle. Here are some effective tips to clean your car and make it shine.

Choose the right day to clean your car

A cloudy day is perfect for cleaning your car. Because direct sunlight may dry out your car and ultimately it leaves a watermark on your car surface. 

The effectiveness of your cleaning products may decrease due to excessive heat. So, it’s better to wash your car on a cloudy day.

Remove the dirt and grit

Before washing your car, you need to wash off all the dirt and grit from the surface of the car. It is better to use a hosepipe to remove all the dirt. You may also like to use a pressure washer which can be able to blast more dirt off.

Use shampoo as liquid

Instead of using liquid cleaner try shampoo to clean a car. Because the detergents can deteriorate your car paint faster than normal. You can clean your car with your hands along with traditional buckets and sponges. You should use a dedicated car wash shampoo. Mix it with warm water and gently apply it with a sponge.

Drying the car

After washing your car properly, you have to dry the car. drying is an important part of cleaning. When you can dry the car properly. It helps you to get a spotless car after washing. You can use a microfiber cloth to dry your car’s body. It is wise to use traditional chamois leather so that there is no risk of scratching the paintwork.

Work on detailing

After cleaning the body of the car, you have to clean the other parts like windows, bonnet, and wheels of the car. You can apply a polish to the bodywork to make the vehicle shiny. You also have to concentrate on the cleaning of the interior.