The repair cost is a big issue for any car user. Because it a nig part of maintaining a car as well as owning a car. A simple oil change can cost you over 300 Dollars. So, try to maintain your car in a way that costs you less while lowering repair cost.

Repair Costs
Credit: maserati
Check spare tires regularly

Every car has a spare tire for safety if something happens to the car. Try to make sure the spare tire is always inflated and ready to use. Unless, when you would need it, it may become another problem if the spare tire doesn’t work. Spare tires are supposed to support you when you are in need. So make it work for that.

Change oil regularly

Try to learn how to change the oil of a car, and make it a regular practice. You would be surprised to know how much money and time you are saving by changing the oil on time. One of the major complaints the repair shops have is how much their car has become slow or inefficient. This is due to the late oil change. Moreover, it affects the car’s efficiency if the oil change is not a regular act.

Replace brake pads

A car is incomplete without its functioning brake mechanism. If your car doesn’t have effective brake pads, your driving can ruin your and other people’s lives. Regularly check the functioning of the broken system and check for the brake pads. Change the pads yearly to be safe.

Credit: koenigsegg
Clear vent, clear car

This is the step that is ignored by most car owners. Every 12 months, change the air filter for better function of the car. The job of the air filter is pretty important. It helps to cool down the engine and flow air into the vehicle. If not taken care of properly, it can cost you a lot after time passes.