Repairing the cost of your favorite car can be expensive. Especially when you avoid taking proper maintenance of your vehicle. Because most of the time it is annoying to change the oil every 5000 miles or rotate the tires regularly. As a result, most of us forget to perform regular maintenance which may cost us a lot in the long run. But you can easily prevent the major repairing costs by following some simple rules. Here we are suggesting some tips that will help you to prevent the major repair cost of your favorite vehicle.

Checking your spare tire

You can extend your car’s life though investing a little effort like checking your spare tire regularly. If the spare tire is flat when it is required, you may have to spend hundreds of dollars for calling a truck to pull your car. But if you check the spare tire regularly and keep the backup tire inflated it will save your money in the long run. So, test the air pressure of your backup tire at least once a month.

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Change the oil as required

Every car manufacturer has a specific recommendation for changing oil. You need to check with your car manufacturer company and find the particular limit to change the oil. Generally, experts suggest changing the oil of your car every 5000 miles. You may be surprised how the car’s oil affects your total expense. You can easily fix those issues by changing the oil on time.

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Clean the car battery

If you don’t keep the car battery clean, it can create corrosion on the terminals of the battery. In the long run, it will develop a crack and ultimately it will not function properly. A standard car battery will cost you near about $100. However, you can save this amount of money by purchasing a wire brush at $5. Regularly clean the battery with this wire brush and keep the terminals spiffy.

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Besides you can save major repairing costs by following some additional maintenance such as replacing the brake pads, getting new windshield wipers, and taking care of your car coolant system.