Without any doubt, the car’s windshield is one of the most important parts of any favorite vehicle. They protect us from the speedy air, dust, bugs, debris, and everything that comes on the way while driving at full speed as the road allows. So, it is important to keep proper care of your car’s windshield. 


Car's Windshield  
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Dont park your car under direct sunlight

If you want to keep the windshield protected and last long, keep it in the shade., Direct sunlight doesn’t harm your car directly. If you keep your car constantly under the sun, over time it might get damaged. The UV light is not that good for the material of the windshield. 


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Look for any cracks

It is very much possible that your window shield gets cracks or small chips. This can happen due to various reasons. Mostly it comes from if your car hits something solid over time. Whatever the reason for the crack is, don’t let your car go untreated if you see any. This small crack can turn into large breaks which can cause more damage. You have to keep in mind that the thing that can save you from danger also can make you fall into one. 


Good cleaning products

If you want to protect the quality windshield, you have to use quality products to make it safe. Glass cleaners are not usually reactive to glass. Often time they do that in presence of other unwanted substances. So, make sure your care gets the proper treatment. Also, use a cotton rag to wipe your windshield. 


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Change the windshield wipers

Windshield wipers wipe the unnecessary water from the glass. But over time they get old and rough. This can harm the windshield by making it foggy. The rough wiper makes small scratches over time and the glass becomes hazy.