Hyundai has always come up with revolutionary ideas in the world of automobiles and Hyundai Kona electric model is one of those. This trend has been continuing in the electric vehicle part. Hyundai Kona Electric is one example of it. This being the smallest EV in the current market, the car has a great value everyone can appreciate. Also, this car is a complete package, it has got an amazing interior, exterior, standard equipment, and a lot more than that.

Hyundai Kona Electric
Credit: topgear
Performance of the car

The most important aspect of any car is its performance. Kona has repeatedly proved itself, as this has been one of the peak choices for car users. Although this car is electric, it drives as smoothly as an SUV crossover. This is a good thing considering that an SUV crossover is the smoothest driving car. Also, the car only takes 6.6 seconds to get up to 0-60. This car also takes command from the mounted paddles, which makes it easier to control.

Electric car
Credit: ev-database

As expected from Hyundai, every product from this company has a touch of modern tech. This makes their car more appealing to the crowd. The interior of the car is full of modern tech that makes the drive more enjoyable. Also, the car has plenty of head, and leg space compared to its size. The company has accommodated sitting positions in a way that the driver doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable while driving. Although the rear seats are not spacious, it is comfortable overall. The decent amount of headroom makes it work.

Credit: heycar

As one of the smallest EVs on the market, this car has nothing else to prove its excellence. With such a price, this is the best option for a person who is looking for cars for their family and does the daily chores using it. So, this can be the first smart decision of this new year to go for this car.