Hyundai plans to introduce more electric car models to meet the growing demand of the EV market. EVs sales in the US market are increasing day by day. The demand for electric vehicles will be higher in the next few years. For this reason, Hyundai is working to capture 7% of the global EV market by 2030.

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Future sales plan

Recently a strategic overview was published by automaker where it was revealed that Hyundai is planning to sell half of the electric cars in the US by 2030 which is near about 7% of the global electric vehicles industry. According to the report, the main Hyundai brand and the Genesis luxury brand are targeting to sell EV approximately 1.87 million units annually by 2030. The automakers aim to meet the previously-discussed goal of 560,000 units by 2025.

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New models to achieve sales goal

To achieve the sales goal, Hyundai is going to introduce 11 electric models. These attractive models will come to the market from its main brand. They are also working to launch six new models for Genesis by 2030. Hyundai-owned Kia also planning to bring 11 EVs in the market by 2026. Seven models among these new series will be based on dedicated platforms.

The report also mentioned that Hyundai will introduce three sedans and six SUVs. Furthermore, they will include one light commercial vehicle for their customers. But the most interesting part is they are going to bring one new type of model that can be a big surprise for electric car users. Among the new editions, several will be the part of loniq sub-brand. This will be a rollout of loniq 5 which started its journey in late 2021. The auto company also confirmed that the Ioniq 6 sedan will launch in the last part of 2022. However, the Ioniq 7 SUV will come to the market in 2024.

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New tech for new models

Hyundai is also developing a new EV platform after getting a huge response for the E-GMP platform. They are also working to ensure the price parity of hydrogen fuel-cell tech and battery-electric vehicles.