Now many people are concerned about whether your EV can power your house or not. The popular company Ford has introduced a new feature in their recent car, the F-150 lightning. This is an electric pickup with many wonders. World power transmission has changed from large power plants to distributed electric grids. Also, the possibility of power outages has increased. As a solution, people are managing portable or installed generators. But electric trucks and cars can power a house theoretically. All the EVs have enough battery storage to power an average house.


power of house
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Cars with house-powering ability

The car company has produced some cars that can theoretically accomplish this task. For example, Nissan Leaf, and VW EVs from 2022 and forwards will have the option to do that, in theory. Although this is not practically possible right now, this is very much possible in the coming future as they are working hard on the feature.


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F-150 Lightning and its feature to light a house

Powering a house with EV power is hypothetical. To make it practical, Ford is working their best mind to achieve it. F-150 lightning is proof of it. The method that will be used to power the house is called bi-directional charging. This means the power flow can be done in both directions. Ford has officially announced that they are working on the feature to present the car that can do this. Also, some of the key features are present in the f-150 lightning car.


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A compression

A simple demonstration of the power that lightning can provide is explained here. A standard version of battery capacity is98 kilowatt-hours. An f-150 can pump about 9.6 kilowatts in your home, which is enough to power an average house during a power off. Maybe the air-conditioning won’t work in this electricity flow, but you can work around it during an emergency.