It is thought that electric car is the most effective eco-friendly vehicle. These can play an important role to beat global warming. But this powerful weapon to prevent environmental pollution doesn’t work alike in all geographical areas. The impact of electric vehicles depends on some factors like grid makeup and time of charging.

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What do the data say?

Europe is experiencing faster-rising sales of electric cars. Recent data analysis shows that in some places electric cars pollute the environment more than fossil-fuel cars. According to the research consultancy agency Radiant Energy Group (REG), Poland and Kosovo are generating more carbon emissions due to the coal-reliant grid. On the other hand, nuclear and hydroelectric-powered Switzerland is experiencing the least carbon emissions and 100% carbon savings. The data also showed that Europe’s biggest car manufacturer Germany is making 55% greenhouse gas savings by relying on a mix of renewables and coal.

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How can electric vehicles avoid carbon emissions?

We can make our electric vehicles eco-friendly by reducing carbon emissions. Electric cars can avoid carbon emissions by following two ways: one is using renewable energy and another one is charging your vehicle at a specific time. For example; if you recharge your electric car in the afternoon, it can save 16-18% more carbon than at night. Because during night time the grids are more likely to be fueled by gas and coal.  In the afternoon, the sun and wind are more prevalent. So, the amount of carbon you can save mainly depends on the time you are choosing to recharge your electric vehicle.

Experts opinion

Experts are trying to find out ways to decarbonize electricity grids and store renewable energy. However, many developed countries have not yet overcome these challenges. Researcher Sid Bagga said, “Electricity has the capability of decarbonizing transportation in a way that internal-combustion engines never will.”

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Sid also said, “But the carbon impact of electrification varies dramatically depending on a country’s energy mix … Countries must adopt credible and achievable electricity decarbonization strategies if the EV transition is to be a success.”