Zero-emissions vehicles are getting popular. Most of the semi-trucks that are running on the highway are also shifting from traditional combustion-engine to EVs. Because many countries are attempting to push the largest manufacturers in the semi-truck market to work hard on electric vehicles. Manufacturers of large heavy-duty trucks and large fleet owners are also experiencing the same pressure.

Tesla Semi

Tesla is the undisputed leader in the electronic vehicle market. This company is manufacturing electric cars for the masses. Even though Tesla is popular for its electric cars and SUVs, the fully electric semi-truck “Tesla Semi” is a unique addition to this company. This semi-truck is very popular for hauling loads. You will love the amazing features of this vehicle. It offers an electric driving range from 300 to 500 miles. You will love the zero-emissions vehicles for future usages.

zero emission vehicle
Credit: electrek
Freighliner’s eCascadia

It is one of the most popular trucks. The fully electric version of the Cascadia is popularly known as the eCascadia. Large fleet manufacturing company Freightliner has been working to bring a super quality truck with a big rig between 360 and 500 horsepower. In addition, it is capable to carry near about 82,000 pounds along with an electric driving range of 250 miles. This large fleet can charge to 80 percent capacity in 90 minutes. So, the greenhouse gas emission rate is very limited or almost zero.

electric vehicle
Credit: electrek
International NEXT eMobility Solutions

International is another heavy-duty truck manufacturer. This vehicle manufacturer company is producing trucks for a variety of purposes. People know these big electronic vehicles as NEXT eMobility Solutions. International’s electric vehicles offer a 645-horsepower peak. Furthermore, these vehicles can reach 402 horsepower continuously. Different battery capacity allows the users to enjoy certain chassis specifications.  International’s electric zero-emission vehicles are highly favorable among environmentalists.

semi truck
Credit: navistar

If you are talking about the most popular manufacturers of heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks, you cannot avoid Peterbilt. It is a company that is offering super quality fully electric trucks for different purposes. Furthermore, you can find a wide range of varieties from pickup for food and beverage delivery to a small straight truck for carrying heavy materials. Peterbilt’s 579EV is an electric semi-truck that is well-known for its drayage applications. Additionally, it is designed for short-haul and is generally used for local operations.

zero emission
Credit: ustruckseurope