The current year would be the time of electric vehicles for new users. Because many automakers are entering the EVs market. New EV users should be prepared for the coming tsunami of new electric vehicles. Most of the USA residents especially from the big cities are planning to buy an EV. A recent study also found that many users who are using traditional gasoline care are trying to shift to EVs. But many of them are hesitant due to a lack of SUV options. Here are some electric vehicles recommendations for new users.

Audi E-Tron GT

With the sleek design and amazing driving performance, this model is just a perfect choice for new users of electric vehicles.  This electric car will allow you to avail yourself of electric motors with a 469-horsepower “base” version. This version is suitable to reach up to 522 hp along with boost and launch control. The GT price starts at $103,445 which is very reasonable with such excellent features.

Electric Vehicles For New Users
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Audi Q4 E-Tron

This is another budget option for new electric vehicle buyers. an entry-level electric SUV which is smaller than the original E-Tron. Though Q4 rides Volkswagen’s new modular electric platform, it is similar in size to the Q5. You can avail of two-motor all-wheel drive and one motor in the rear for the base. The pricing for this great design model starts at $44,945.

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BMW i4

It is a compact sports sedan that offers a base version with an attractive design and a 335-hp motor in the rear. You can also find a sportier dual-motor i4 M50 with RWD. The combined output of 536 hp is another amazing feature of this model. The range ratings will be from 245 miles to 300 miles. This excellent electric vehicle can be available for $56,395. So, new users can easily choose it to fulfill their dream.

Electric Vehicle
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