There’s no denying that Lexus is a leading manufacturer of dependable, elegant vehicles that don’t destroy your finances every time you need to replace a component or keep it functioning. However, Top Gear mentioned the Lexus SC430 as the worst car in the world. But it is not wise to be so quick to judge.

The Lexus SC 430 is a convertible GT vehicle produced by Lexus, a Toyota subsidiary and Japanese car manufacturer. The Lexus SC 430 is the second generation of the Lexus SC series, with the Lexus SC 300 and SC 400 being the first. It was a bloated retiree coupe with a big V8. It is a successor to the brawny SC300 and 400. It is true SC430’s engine sounds uncorked. Individual throttle bodies may not be considered a good option for car lovers. The car offers intake trumpets along with a quiet cruiser into a proper muscle car engine.

The builder of the car explained, “it’s an unopened engine with 4AGE Individual throttle bodies, custom long tube headers into a single 3-inch exhaust. No mufflers Dynoed with open trumpets and then tested the K&N filters.”

He also stated, “All research pointed to conventional “sock” style filters as a power killer. Seeing this is a drift car she really needs filters so bought Individual K&N filters to test and was pleasantly surprised at only a 7HP loss.”

This car is built by the same person who put ITBs on a Toyota V12. Unfortunately, this car never had a street reputation. That’s why experts recommend not to get the Lexus SC430.